2018 - Front-end development

Wilson Russo

Reference in the sale of auto parts for Chevrolet in São Paulo, this client wanted to enter the line of sales through e-commerce. So, a store was developed to the height of the company.


The Tray platform has some limitations related to product search. Using the native platform search, you can find a product only if the keyword is present in the product name. Based on the Hotjar data, it was noted that most of users use generic keywords in the search field. Then an autocomplete was implemented in it, which searches for keywords registered by the store administrator for each product, causing the user to find the desired product quickly without having to finalize the search for it.

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Custom filter

In the branch of this shop (auto parts), it’s common for users to search for parts of a specific car model, so a filter was implemented relating the car model and its related subcategories. This information is stored in the browser (using HTML5 Web Storage), so the user doesn’t have to select a vehicle every time him search for a new product.

Load on demand

Using the excellent API from the TRAY platform, the technique of load products on demand has been developed in catalog pages and search results, helping the user to access more products without refresh the page.