2018 - Front-end development

Clínicas EOM

The Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid is a Spanish group, present in 22 countries with 80 units worldwide, of which 22 are in Brazil.

The challenge in this site was to present the methodology of the company, all units located in Brazil and a direct channel of scheduling with them.

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In this project, users can schedule an appointment directly through the site. First he must select the desired unit (registered before on WordPress by admin), select a date and time within the next two weeks (automatic using PHP srttotime), fill your basic info, and in the last step, him can choose to send data by email, or directly contact with the desired unit by WhatsApp (using WhatsApp API).


The page which list all the units previously registered by the WordPress dashboard has been developed with the intention of show easy and a clear information about the desired unit. First, after the user shares their location to the browser, the nearest unit is displayed (Google Maps /computeDistanceBetween), the user can also search for a unit using the search field, where an autocomplete is displayed only with the units registered before (not default Google Maps /autocomplete), and finally, through a drop-down list with all the units. In all these actions, an information box is opened next to the marker on the map.