2012 - Design/Front-end development

Cidade Reclama

Cidade Reclama was my first challenge in the area of web development. In 2012, at first agency I’ve worked and where I learned a lot about web (Princi Web <3), Rodolfo came to me with an idea of developing an experimental project where citizens could share social problems of his city. Of course I accepted the idea, and the result was very positive and rewarding, with the project being reported in several media, and giving me the opportunity to speak about the project at a W3C event in Brazil (more about it here).

Google Maps

The entire base of the project was made with the magnificent Google Maps API and .NET MVC. Rodolfo speaks more about it on Princi Web blog.

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As I said at the beginning, this was my first big project in this area, and was experimental, so it shouldn’t took much time or resources from the agency. I had entered in this web agency more focused on design than development, because of this, the layout of the site was by my own, and the result still looks good for me =)


In 2012, mobile development was growing in Brazil, and how this project was experimental, we decided to use it to learn more about mobile development and also use new technologies at that moment (as HTML5 Boilerplate and LESS). The initial layout wasn’t made with the concept of mobile-first, so we decided that to make a mobile site from scratch, focused on performance and mobile-friendly. All of this was done in the record time of seven days, with the project being selected as a mobile case at the W3C Web Conference of the same year.